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Cost and time effective

Instant money transfers, payments and withdrawals with zero commissions no matter at home or abroad;

Funds and services managed remotely via an app;

Plastic shipped to any place on Earth.

Card and account management

Settle and close multicurrency accounts in seconds;

Order, freeze and block your cards online;

Adjust limits in conformity with your budgeting.

Money flow excellence

Pay with Quancy cards directly from your smartphone;

Get instant notifications over your operations;

Analyze your expenditures through the built-in budgeting.

Stock trading

Benefit from being a shareholder;

Only greenlight securities with due diligence compliance;

Privileged fixed-income instruments;

World stock markets coverage round-the-clock (NASDAQ, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Moscow, etc.);

Investing news and analytics on market tops and flops reviewed by stock specialists and certified traders.

Responsible support

Quancy is a 100% custdev, which means customers have a strong impact on Quancy features;

24/7 multilingual support will solve your problems and give hand with any issues occurred;

Consierge service for VIP clients.

Safe transactions

Confirm your transactions with a fingerprint, face ID or password.

End-to-end encryption based on AEAD_AES_128_CBC_HMAC_SHA_256 algorithm makes it impossible to intercept your user session;

Fail-safe banking ecosystem powered by cloud solutions involving smart contracts within AI network to guarantee your money transfer reaches the end point.

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